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Breonna Taylor - Where is the justice?

This year has been a year of unease. Coronavirus which kinda hit us hard in the beginning of the year and forced many of us to stay to home and protect lives. Staying at home increase our internet time and everyone around the world started to pay attention to events that took place in different parts of the world.

I'm from the UK, but my timeline started to show some disturbing facts about police brutality in the states against black people. In particular was the murder of George Floyd, where a police office put his knee on his neck, refused to hear his request to stop until he died. Its not the first time this has happened but as we now have phones it was there in our face for us all to see. More and more names started to appear, more black people were killed unlawfully and unjust by the hands of the police and racist individuals.

One name in particular stood out to me which was Breonna Taylor, a young woman who was shot when officers entered her flat on 13 March during a drugs investigation.

According the a BBC report earlier this year, Breonna was shot eight times and she died on her hallway floor however no drugs were found in the property. Also says the officers were not looking for her in the first place, but instead they were looking for an unrelated suspect who did not live in the complex.

To date the officers have not been charged with the wrongful killing of Breonna

The case of Breonna Taylor hit me hard because I am a black woman and know how it is to live in this world. The disrespect is so frequent that we internalised the pain. When we explode from years of being quite then we are seen as angry or mad. But if you fill anything up too much of course it will overflow.

For this to happen to her highlights how we are treated in general, the same with Sandra Bland and the many other black women who’s LIFE is disregarded.

I didn’t paint this art to jump on the bandwagon. Being creative is all that I have and all that I can give so I painted it as a tribute to Breonna to show that I stand with her family and friends in the fight for justice.

I am sorry that I had to learn her name under these circumstances, I wish she was celebrated when she was alive or I could have celebrated her for different reasons.


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