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I have become a bit of a hermit in 2021, but who hasn't the situation has not changed and Covid19 is still doing the rounds (mixed with fear and anxiety). Social Media (although it's an amazing tool to network,) has also become increasingly unbearable, so I have taken a social Media break and focused on doing up my home.

Starting last year, I hand painted a huge mural in my corridor, which has now turned into the "Fun Fun Zone". Its the place where we go to listen to music, make music and let loose.

I wanted to travel to Japan this year due to everything I just could not make it when I wanted to go.

One of my goals in life is to spend some years in Japan or Korea, I am interested in the culture, food and especially art. I would like to live there a while to learn more on these areas. Seeing as this is not going to happen as soon as I would have liked, I created that kind of influence within my Fun Fun Zone.

My living room is a much quieter space, if you can recall filled with artwork and prints of my work through out the years.

It's all a work in progress but, but I am enjoying the process. The lockdown has been good for many reasons. For one I have become much more healthier just because I have been cooking and exercising like mad, which has made me become much more clearer on my goals. It has allowed me to have time to create something and lastly but most importantly I know where I want to go with all this knowledge.

I will update around April with the progress.xx

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