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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

My son is literally obsessed with Spider-Man! He has been a huge fan of Spider-man since he was around three years old. He always wanted to be Peter Parker and would ask me to buy him costumes so that he can dress up like him. Other super hero came by and he liked them for a bit but Spider-Man has literally been his favorite. Lately he has been involved in making costumes and buying specific toys related to Spider-man. He started making costumes about 4/5 years ago and is getting pretty good.

Whilst researching about Spider-Man He came across a youtuber/instagrammer by the name of TStunningSpidey who (I have to admit) is pretty awesome. He can do all kinds of flips and trick and his story is pretty amazing as well. He was a kid of colour living in America wanted to be Peter Parker but because of his skin colour some people were offended when he would attend comic con dressed in a Peter Parker suit. They would actually tell him that he could not wear it because he was black.

Recently my son reached out to TStunningSpider via Instagram and he was so lovely he followed him back and liked his post. My son was really happy because he is sort of a role model type to him.

He also talked about having a bit of a weight problem and showed how he toned down to be able to fit into the costume. My son really admired this and has adopted a healthier food and diet regime because of him.

I have been doing some artwork based on heroes and to him, he is a hero so I created a piece on him. He reposted it on his instagram and has made my son's day. I really admire him and wish him the best of luck in his future.

follow him on instragram @tstunningspidey

and on youtube @bbodystunner

#tstunningspidey #amandadenisegraham #spiderman

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