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It has been a long time

Whats up yall!!

This year has been a developmental year for me, I have been working with my artwork to create printed fabric pieces for, which can be used in fashion and home ware products.

The idea came about whilst raveling and vending at various events. I used to see a lot of African printed fabric related products on cushions, dresses book etc. But, even though I am a member of the African diaspora I do not have first hand knowledge of what true African fabrics really represent and to use them in my products seems like I'm a bit of a fraud.

So, I decided to create my own fabric prints using my artwork surrounding themes that I am interested in. My latest collaboration is between myself and DJ Nikki, who is a tour Kelis DJ and an award winning DJ. The project is called Hip Hop Homes and it focuses on using my artwork and creating printed fabric and turning it into cushions and other products.

#hiphophomes #creativeindustries #amandadenisegraham #interiordesign #smallbusiness #DJNikkiBeatnik

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