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Printed Souls


I adore prints, I think the right print changes the way a garment looks and what it represents. Say for instance anybody who is into fashion can easily recognise a Gucci print because it is repetitive and recognisable.

After participating in many trade and art shows, looking at what sells and what people are insterested in it seems evident to me that what draws a person to a stall or booth often involves the colour and print of a fabric. Then if the design is amazing and flattering to the buyer it is almost an instant hit with the potential customer.

One thing that I have seen however, is the over use of African tribal print, which I love dont get me wrong but if there are too many cooks in the kitchen well you know the rest...

As an artist I think it is my duty to look at ways that I express my creativity and fashion is definetly a combined element of my work.

To date I have looked at ways to manually impliment patterns or art to a already made item. But what about creating the fabric and the design of clothes? That would take my art to a whole new level, ticking many boxes right!

Below are a set of images encapturing that the above methods of infusing prints with my art to produce prints and create pattens.

Model DJ Nikki (Kelis DJ) and her son Harley

Printed Soles

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