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Last Male Rhino Worldwide

'Ignorance is the dominion of absuridity' - James Anthony Froude

According to Inside Africa CNN on line, there is one white Northern Rhino left worldwide.

Am I missing something here but isn't this terribly worrying. The world we once knew feels close to destruction, how could all us ignore such a significant part of our world to slowly die like this.

I know this is not the only problem in the world, but ignoring our enviroment is something that will eventually kill us.

The problem is arguable we have just failed to protect are history, culture and common decencey for other living things. Instead we believe that hunting and killing or making a profit at another expense is vital for our survival.

How sad!

We are looking to see this species become extinct within the next 10 years. All because humans used these beautiful creatures as commodities, poached and destroyed off the face of the planet.

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