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Jesus Christ Superstar

This week I was compleled to reconnect with my youth. Since the age of 5, I have been obsessed with the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I love everthing about the film, especially the music. It was the first introduction to musicals and as my mother is an avivd church goer I somewhat knew the story of Jesus Christ.

So I decided to draw a picture (using pen) of my favorite characters of the movie. To cut a long story short I am working on my portfolio, which consist of positive images surrounding love. I felt that Jesus Christ Superstar show people the depth of love to the highest degree and wanted toreate an image, which reflects how diverse love can be.

I posted my work on instragam and to my delight Yvonne Elliman the actress who starred in the 1973 version of the musical made a comment on picture. Having loved the movie for practically all my life I am in awe and feel a little bit like Wayne and Garth in Waynes world saying ' We're not worthy, we're not worthy'

It has given me the little motivation I need to carry on.

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